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Roger Mills

Croquet Coach

When I retired, croquet ranked just above polo in the list of sports I never expected to play. That is until I tried introductory lessons at Sidmouth Croquet Club, and became slightly fanatical about this game. I attended every coaching course there was as my playing improved.

When I got down to single figure handicap level, I became interested in coaching, particularly mid-high handicap players. I noticed many players would get their handicap down into the ‘teens, but then struggled to improve from there, often finding the game frustrating. I questioned why this was, and what could be done to help them improve their game?

My ‘road to Damascus’ moment came when I met an elderly gentleman who had clearly been a top player in his day, and his philosophy was incredibly simple: there are two ways of playing croquet, he said – the Easy Way and the Difficult Way! Learning his set of rules for playing the Easy Way not only improved my own game, but also gave me a new and effective way to coach beginners, improvers and intermediate players.

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