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Sarah Hayes

Croquet Coach

I discovered this maddening game during a Sports for All event where you could just turn up and have a go at something new….that was around 20 years ago and I am still learning new things and am just as much intrigued as I ever was. The old knees were creaking and no longer enjoyed being thrown around the Astroturf hockey pitch and as there are no zimmer framed netball players it certainly was time to try something gentler! ….how wrong was I? Tournaments playing 12 hour days; matches lasting 9 hours.

I have been very fortunate in having had a great coach and my handicap quickly reduced to minus something. Belonging to the Jersey Croquet Club meant there was lots of travelling around for International matches so I have met some great folk from around Europe and beyond. Presently ranked within the World Top 100 and just about clinging on by the skin of my teeth to a minus 2 handicap, I really enjoy simply turning up to play.

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