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SouthWest Croquet Academy
Westfield Close
Budleigh Salterton

Cliff Jones

Lead Coach - Tournaments & Croquet Play

Cliff is widely regarded as one of the very top and most experienced coaches and tournament managers in the UK.

He started playing AC in 1989 and within a year was down to a handicap of 3.  This through natural ability but also by the disciplined approach of a professional coach; he was formerly both a cycling and rugby qualified coach.

Since then he has gone on to win many events and/or manage them at all levels, national and international; he triple peels as a ‘matter of course’. His contribution to coaching croquet, both AC and GC, is without parallel.

Cliff’s methods are straight forward and his mantra is ‘Everything I coach works!  But, you will need to practice it!’.

His course notes, in the form of beautifully illustrated progressive diagrams, have been crafted over hundreds of hours and are valued by all who have access to them.

His tournament management software is used at most CA tournaments.

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