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SouthWest Croquet Academy
Westfield Close
Budleigh Salterton

Dave Kibble

Lead Coach - Refs Workshop

Dave started playing croquet in 1992 when taking an American visitor to do something “quintessentially English” in a local park drew him into an enthusiastic croquet club. He quickly became obsessed with the fascinating game: practising several times a week, and playing well over a hundred tournament games a year.

He won Cheltenham’s D, C, B and A-Class tournaments in successive years, then the British Mixed Doubles (with Louise Bradforth) several times, and reached a peak winning the Western Championship in 2005. Dave was the first person to play in all four Eights and maintains a World ranking well inside the top 100 being ranked 24th on number of completed peeling turns.

As a coach, Dave helped to re-write the AC coaching manual, introduced the Platinum award for completing a sextuple peel, ran a workshop to support it, and soon became the first person to hold all four CA merit badges. As an Examining Referee and Examining Coach, he is active locally training and qualifying much-needed new referees and coaches.

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