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Dr Ian Vincent

Lead Croquet Coach

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Ian Vincent to the coaching team at SWCA this year.

Having been born and brought up in Sussex, Ian first came across croquet as a teenager while staying with relatives in Ireland. He rediscovered it as an undergraduate at Downing College, Cambridge and played in his first calendar fixture, at Southwick, in 1972.
After taking up a position at Nottingham University, Ian relocated to the area and spent 38 years as Hon. Secretary of Nottingham Croquet Club. He is now President of the Club.

Ian has had a long interest in the laws of the game, having trained as a referee on a course at Wrest Park, run by David and Betty Pritchard many years ago. He has represented the CA on the International Laws Committee since 2007 and currently chairs the CA AC Laws Committee, as well as being a member of the CA Rules Committee (GC) .

Since retiring, Ian has been Honorary Secretary of the CA’s Executive Committee since 2011, been elected to Council in 2008 and served as Chairman for a period.

He has partnered George Noble in the Open Championship for over thirty years and has made many good friends through playing Croquet over that time.

Ian is a Championship Referee for both AC and GC, as well as a Handicapper and Tournament Manager.

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