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Dr. Stephen Custance-Baker

Lead Croquet Coach

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Stephen Custance-Baker to the Coaching team at SWCA.

Stephen has played Garden Croquet from childhood but only joined a club (Taunton Deane) and started to play competitive Association Croquet as a 14 handicap in 2009. He started playing Golf Croquet in 2011 as a 7 handicap and played for the club in both AC and GC teams. He is now a -2 handicap at GC (1½ at AC and 3P at Short Croquet) but continues to play handicap and advanced club matches in both codes as well as several tournaments through the year.

In 2017 he won the ‘A-Series’ GC tournaments at Cheltenham and at Ryde which also meant that he was top scorer in the A-Series as a whole, winning the trophy for the year.

His coaching started almost as soon as he joined the club where he assisted in guiding the higher handicappers in basic skills and tactics. He has coached AC and GC since then during the club’s turn-up sessions, in a special beginner’s course and at AC High Handicappers’ sessions. He gained his club coach qualification in March 2015, followed by the GC Grade 1 and GC Referee’s qualifications. In 2016 he added the AC Referee’s qualification and in 2017 the AC Grade 1 and GC Grade 2 Coaching badges.

In 2017 Stephen started GC Coaching pods at Taunton Deane with two pods on ‘Using Extra Turns’ and ‘Making the Most of a Hoop’. The material for these was largely taken from his three coaching manuals on Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced GC tactics.

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