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Roger Mills

Lead Croquet Coach

I have been playing croquet since 2010 and coaching since 2012, gaining my Grade 2 coaching award in 2016. My approach to coaching is to distil the vast number of croquet text book-type ‘rules’ into the very small number of key factors that will make a significant improvement to your play. I like to think of this as playing croquet the ‘Easy Way’, and I aim to give delegates a new way of thinking about their game.

Does this approach work? The feedback from last year’s SWCA delegates suggests this approach really does make a lasting impact on players. After the AC for Improvers course (for players 18-24), a delegate emailed: “My game is getting better and my handicap is down 2 steps! Playing yesterday, I was a lot more confident as I was trying to play using Easy Croquet rules, I understood what I was trying to achieve as I had a plan and knew I was always looking for the 4BB”.

Delegates on the 2017 Mastering the 4BB course (for players 9-16) rated it “excellent”, “inspiring”, “the best course I have been on”, and (who knows?) it may have helped the several players who went on to win or were finalists in CA open competitions last summer!

Roger is currently the CA Coach of the year, so now you really can “Learn from the Best”!

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