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New Courses for 2018 are now available to book!

3rd December 2017     Latest News Uncategorised

This year,  the SWCA is continuing to offer a wide range of courses that offer something for everyone. In addition to a range of AC and GC courses, there are a number of new courses for coaches, referees and Short Croquet players.

There has been a great upsurge recently in Short Croquet so, recognising this and the fully subscribed SC Tournaments in the south West, the SWCA felt it was time to introduce a course for Short Croquet enthusiasts. This course is led by Dr. Stephen Custance-Baker, one of the leading exponents of the game. Stephen is also one of the foremost GC players and coaches in the South West, and will be leading several GC courses at the SWCA in 2018.

For AC players, the outstanding response in 2017 to the two innovative courses led by Roger Mills for Improvers and Mastering the 4 ball/3 ball break, has convinced the SWCA to repeat these courses in 2018. Both these courses will be run over 2 separate days to give you time to practice what you learn on Day 1 before going on to further enhance your skills and tactics on Day 2 of the course . Each day is fairly intensive, but there is a comprehensive reference pack and practice guide to help you after the course.

For those that want to increase their involvement in the sport, we are offering two new courses for developing Coaching skills. These will be led by Dave Kibble. The first course is aimed at players wanting to gain their first coaching badge at Club Coach level (AC or GC), and the second course will be for players wanting to gain their Grade 1 coaching badge (AC or GC). This latter course will appeal to existing Club Coaches, as well as suitable players who have already established themselves at club coaching level but who may not have a formal qualification.

For players interested in becoming Referees, the SWCA is particularly pleased to have top Examining & Championship Referees Dr Ian Vincent and Marcus Evans leading courses for AC and GC respectively. These new courses are also suitable for players who are not yet ready to become referees, but who would like to gain a deeper knowledge of AC Laws or GC Rules.

So there it is! A wide ranging programme for 2018, which offers something for everyone. Judging by the extremely high feedback ratings awarded by delegates on this year’s SWCA courses, they clearly had an enjoyable time developing their game – and this is what we are offering for 2018.

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