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  • Coaching Course for AC players handicap of 14 and below
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  • £45 (CA premium/BSCC Member: £35 )

AC – Tactics, Tactics, Tactics


  1. This course is for players who have been playing AC for several years, and have achieved a handicap of 14 or lower, and have a reasonable knowledge of 4 ball breaks.  You can play all the shots and run hoops reasonably well, and now you really want to improve your tactics to move your game on.  
  2. Good tactical play involves not only knowing about the different tactics you can use, it’s also about selecting the best tactic to use in each of the many different situations you have to deal with.  It’s being able to come up with good answers to those questions we all face every turn … ‘what should I do now?’ …  ‘which ball should I play?’ … ‘should I go for the break?’ … ‘should I shoot?’ … ‘ should I join up?’ … ‘ should I corner?’ … and so on!  
  3. Roger Mills, Lead Coach for this course, will ensure you develop your tactical knowledge and skills so that you can start giving good answers to those questions and consistently make the right tactical decisions.

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