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  • Entries accepted in receipt order. Closing 27th March 2019
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  • This Course qualifies for both CA and SWF partial reimbursement to delegates.
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  • Open to AC & GC players aspiring to become a Grade 1 or 2 Coach
  • Entry Fee
  • £75; (CA Premium/BSCC Member £55)* Subsidies available - see note 7

Coaches Qualification Course for Grade 1 & 2 Coaches (AC & GC)


  1. The course is for players wanting to become a Grade 1 Coach (either AC or GC), or a Grade 2 Coach (AC).  It is suitable for players who are already Club Coaches or Grade 1 Coaches and who wish to upgrade their qualification, as well as for players who have considerable coaching experience but have no formal qualification. 
  2. Participants will not be required to cover both AC and GC, but must have a good working knowledge of either AC Laws or GC Rules.
  3. Roger Mills was awarded Coach of The Year 2017, and in 2018 was the first new Examining Coach to be appointed by the CA for many years.  For several years he has been studying how Club Coaches can develop their skills and progress to a Graded coaching qualification.
  4. Qualification assessment takes place on the second day – each delegate will deliver a pre-prepared short coaching session to the other candidates who will role-play players being coached. To get the maximum benefit from the course, delegates will need to do some preparation at home before the course.
  5. Full details of the qualification process can be found in the section in the CA’s Fixtures book or on the CA website: www.croquet.org.uk/?p=tournament/caCalendar&CalendarinformationID=6
  6. If you wish to contact Roger to discuss any aspect of the course, please call him on 01395 512250.
  7. The CA offers a £25.00 subsidy to member delegates who complete the course, and the SWF offers travel assistance to SWF club members who gain the qualification. 

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