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Dr Tim King
  • Entry Dates
  • Entries accepted in receipt order. Closing 18th April 2019
  • Comments
  • 2 working days including taking exam, otherwise 1 working day for Rules course only.
  • Format
  • Open to all GC players wanting to qualify as a GC Referee or who wish to improve their knowledge of the rules.
  • Entry Fee
  • For both days: £65 ; (CA Premium/BSCC member: £55) or for one only day: £45 ; (CA Premium/BSCC member £35) * Subsidies available -see note 6

GC Rules & Referees Course


  1. The SWCA is extremely pleased that Tim King has agreed to lead the GC Rules & Referees course this year.  Tim is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable GC referees in the UK and, as well as being an Examining GC Referee, he is also a Championship Referee and a member of the CA’s GC Rules Committee.  If you want to qualify as a GC Referee or simply learn more about the Rules of the game, it doesn’t get much better than that!
  2. The course is suitable for GC players of all abilities – whether you just want to learn more about the Rules of the game, or whether you wish to actually qualify as a Referee. However, if the course is over-subscribed then preference will be given to players intending to take the exam.
  3. Players who do not wish to sit the Exam should enrol for only the first day of the course, 25 April.
  4. The GC Referees Exam will take place on the second day of the course, 26 April.
  5. Players intending to become qualified GC Referees should have a good working knowledge of the Rules before attending the course, and must be CA Members to hold the qualification.
  6. The CA will offer a £25 reimbursement to member delegates taking the exam and the SWF offers travel assistance to SWF club members who gain the qualification.The aim is to offer encouragement to players wishing to become a Referee.

Course Fully Booked

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