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  • Coaching Course for AC and SC players of all handicaps 16 or below (AC) or 6 or below (SC).
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  • £45; CA Premium/BSCC Member: £35

Short Croquet – the Special Skills to Succeed


  1. Short Croquet (SC) is enjoying an explosion of interest in the South West. A single week at Budleigh in October last year saw 100 players competing in Federation teams and 30 contesting a two day singles competition.
  2. Games are quick and dynamic – no Aunt Emma tactics here! There are fresh challenges for all AC players, from the high handicappers who will have many bisques and look to finish in two turns, to the A class player needing to make compulsory peels in unfamiliar situations. It’s also a great route into AC for a GC player as it rewards straight hitting.
  3. We assume a fair level of AC or SC competence with the indicative handicap range of 16 or lower (AC handicap) or 6 or lower(SC handicap). Higher handicap players should consider our AC course on April 10th or our SC course on May 8th first. The focus 0f this course will be on the specific skills and strategy required for Short Croquet.
  4. Our lead coach, Stephen Custance-Baker, has analysed this game deeply and identified winning strategies. Come and share them!

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